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Ask anyone if they know what a spleen does, and nine out of ten times theyll probably either look at you with a blank stare or maybe say its one of those organs you dont really need. Difraksi sinar x terjadi pada hamburan elastis fotonfoton sinar x. Ct is the workhorse of imaging in lymphoma and plays a crucial role in staging. Selsel plasma yang belum matang mengalami proliferasi dan menyebar secara luas didalam rongga sumsum keseluruh skleton.

The spleen is considered the forgotten organ among radiologists and clinicians, although it is well visualised on abdominal computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging. Sisasisa foton yang telah terattenuasi kemudian ditangkap oleh detektor. Read and know all about enlarged spleen, what causes it, its symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. Yin yoga sequence for the spleen and stomach meridians. Sinar x merupakan radiasi elektromagnetik sinar x dimasukkan ke dalam kelompok radiasi elektromagnetik karena sifanya yang hampir sama dengan cahaya tampak. Energi antara 10 310 6 ev panjang gelombnag sinar x memiliki orde yang sama dengan jarak antara atom. Moreover, the spleen is commonly involved in a wide range of pathologic disorders. The normal adult spleen is isointense to muscle on t1weighted images and hyperintense to the liver on t2weighted images.

The malignant lesions are divided into primary and metastatic lesions, ranging from lymphoma, angiosarcoma to pleomorphic sarcoma. Sinar x telah dimanfaatkan dalam bidang kesehatan sebagai salah satu sarana penunjang diagnostik dan terapi, diantaranya digunakan pada bagian radiologi, radioterapi dan kedokteran nuklir. Merupakan radiasi elektromagnetik berenergi tinggi. While its true that a person can live without their spleen, this orange wedgesized organ is pretty underrated. Spleen is an important internal organ that is on average not larger than the size of a fist. Aplikasi radiasi sinar x di bidang kedokteran untuk menunjang kesehatan masyarakat.

Efek radioprotektif ekstrak tanaman rosela hibiscus. Spleen birte steiniger, university of marburg, marburg, germany the spleen is a secondary lymphoid organ present in all vertebrates. An angiosarcoma of the spleen is a rare malignant splenic neoplasm. Pdf purposeproducing high quality images in ct is important for image. Pemeriksaan dengan menggunakan radiasi pengion memberikan efek radiasi pada tubuh, berupa efek stokastik. Introduction to abdominal ultrasound veterinary medicine. Phagocytic cells within the spleen remove abnormal or damaged cells, foreign particles, and microorganisms from circulation. Gross anatomy the spleen is a wedgeshaped organ lying mainly in the left upper quadrant left hypochondrium and. Beard, dvm, ms, dacvr clinical associate professor, radiology auburn university college of veterinary medicine why use ultrasound in your practice.

Tulang yang sering terkena adalah tempat sumsum hemopoiletik aktif antara lain spina, tengkorak, rusuk, sternum, pelvis dan ujung bagian atas. Introduction to basic radiotherapy radiation therapy. Berkas radiasi sinar x yang mengenai objek sebagian diserap oleh objek dan sisanya diteruskan menembus objek. Loudest pubic bone crack ive ever heard self cracker gets deeper adjustmentcarpal tunnelasmr duration. The sequence below targets the spleen and stomach channels. Knowledge about the use of different imaging modalities and underlying gross and microscopic pathologic features leads to a better understanding of the radiologic findings. It is structurally complex and has a number of different functions such as immunological monitoring of bloodborne antigens, storage of. Pancaran itu kemudian didistribusikan dalam jarak yang semakin besar. Spleen introduction information on the following lesions is available in this section. During a liver and spleen scan, a radioactive tracer substance is put into a vein iv in the arm. It is a functionally defined entity and not equivalent to the anatomical organ of the same name. With the spleen retracted medially, the phrenicocolic ligament is incised.

Proses pembentukan sinar x dihasilkan oleh suatu pesawat melalui proses fisika. Oh yeah, and it can multiply into whats called accessory spleens. Zebra spleen, also referred to as psychedelic spleen or more correctly inhomogeneous splenic enhancement, refers to the transient heterogeneous parenchymal enhancement of the spleen during the arterial or early portal venous phases of contrast enhancement in ct, mri, or ultrasound imaging it is due to the differing blood flow rates of blood and contrast between red pulp which enhances. Both uses for radiodiagnostic and radiotheraphy, have. Radiation therapy for the spleen for malignant lymphoma.

A liver and spleen scan is a nuclear scan that is done to look at these organs for disease. Radiasi sinar x dipancarkan dari fokus tabung sinar x dalam arah garis lurus. A read is counted each time someone views a publication summary such as the title, abstract, and list of authors, clicks on a figure, or views or downloads the fulltext. Cmml is having problems from a very enlarged spleen, radiation therapy may be used to shrink it. Paul fussells latest book vents his spleen against everything he hates about his country. In 21 of those patients %, more than one accessory spleen was detected, with a maximum of three per patient, resulting in a total of 180 accessory spleens. Tumor ini berasal dan lokasi awalnya pada sumsum tulang, pada stadium lebih lanjut akan melibatkan nodus limfa, hati, spleen, serta ginjal. Radiasi ini terdiri dari gelombang radio, gelombang mikro, inframerah, cahaya tampak, sinar x. The following information is from the points acupuncture reference software. Us is a noninvasive method imaging of internal structures including abdomen, thorax heart, eye, and appendages. Tehnik difraksi sinarx dalam analisis struktur kristal.

Ketika detektor menerima sisasisa foton tersebut, foton berinteraksi dengan detektor dan memproduksi sinyal dengan arus yang kecil yang disebut sinar output analog. Affordable and search from millions of royalty free images, photos and vectors. Spleen chinese medicine jump to navigation jump to search. Hal ini menyebabkan intensitas sinar x itu menjadi berkurang dengan perbandingan kuadrat jarak.

Spleen anatomy sinusoids in red pulp, cells in white. Areas of the liver and spleen where the tracer collects in large amounts show up as bright spots in the pictures. Despite it,its a splenic angiosarcoma is considered the most common primary splenic. Individuals without a spleen are at risk for overwhelming infection. It has important haematological and immunological functions and may be involved in malignant disease.

The spleen and lymph nodes along the splenic vessels and by the hilum of the spleen are considered one lymphatic region in the ann arbor system. It should be kept in mind that the spleen of gastric cancer patients with resectable disease is viewed as normal tissue. Watch my video on the digestive system to learn more about coming into harmony with these earth element channels. Daily stimulation of spleen 9 will help jump start the digestive system. The benign lesions include hemangiomas, hamartomas, and sclerosing angiomatoid nodular transformation of the spleen. Dilakukan imunisasi pada mencit diimunisasi dengan 0,2 ml vaksin p. However, behind the technologybenefits provided by the radiation, the. Crosssectional imaging of the spleen radiology key. In radiology, xray has been used to diagnose disease and therapy. It moves through the blood to the liver and spleen. Stops bleeding, regulates the spleen, calms the shen, revives consciousness. Bila jarak yang diberikan diperbesar menjadi dua kalinya, maka. Peristiwa itu menyebabkan elektron kehilangan energinya dengan memancarkan radiasi elektromagnetik yang dikenal sebagai sinarx bremsstrahlung.

Enlarged spleen sizepage contents1 enlarged spleen size2 causes of splenomegaly enlarged. Sfakianakis md professor of radiology and pediatrics director division of nuclear medicine, university of miami, florida october 2009. Radiasi elektromagnetik adalah radiasi yang tidak memiliki massa. Effect and application of ionization radiation xray in living. The spleen is an organ of the hematological system and has a role in immune response, storage of red blood cells and hematopoiesis. Dihasilkan akibat interaksi antara berkas berkas elektron eksternal dengan elektron pada kulit atom spektrum sinar x memiliki. Often times practitioners will also combine spleen 6 and stomach 36 with spleen 9 for for a beautiful digestive wellness treatment. The surgeon and the spleen itp low platelet, normal bone marrow, abscess of other causes increased platelet destruction mediated by autoantibodies to platelet membrane antigens that results in platelet phagocytosis by the spleen 72% pts 10yrs are. Radiasi sinarx secara berulang spermatozoa quality of mice exposed to xrays radiation in repeated download download pdf. This spleen inflammation is known as splenomegaly, meaning enlargement megaly of the spleen.

Radiasi yang telah kita kenal memiliki satuan yang berbeda dalam berbagai penggunaan radiasi dalam berbagai kegiatan manusia yaitu. When dedicated imaging of the spleen is required, routine sequences are sufficient to evaluate the liver. The spleen is a lymphoid organ that serves to filter the blood and generate an immune response to provocative stimuli. The radiation which usually use in the medical world is the. The spleen is delivered to the midline by means of blunt and sharp dissection of the areolar plane between the kidney and the pancreas. The spleen is the largest organ in the reticulo endothelial system. Shrinking the spleen can improve symptoms like abdominal belly pain and trouble eating, but there are some risks. Lymphoid organ, located in the left side of the abdomen behind the stomach.

View of kualitas spermatozoa mencit yang terpapar radiasi sinar. Mri has the advantages of providing multiplanar, multisequence images and not requiring radiation. Beberapa efek merugikan pada tubuh anakanak karena terpapar sinar x pada umumnya terjadi bintik kemerahan pada kulit, xerostomia, dan gangguan perkembangan pada benih gigi. Selama eksposi, berkas sinar x foton menembus pasien dan mengalami perlemahan attenuasi. Home education acupuncture point location spleen meridian index spleen 12. Radiasi elektromagnetik ini meliputi gelombang radio, gelombang mikro, radiasi infrared, gelombang uv, sinar x, dan sinar y, yang mana semua radiasi tersebut memiliki persamaan, yakni samasama. Introduction to basic radiotherapy free download as powerpoint presentation. Radiasi elektromagnetik berbentuk gelombang elektromagnetik, yaitu gelombang yang dalam perambatannya tidak membutuhkan medium. Scintigraphy of the liver and spleen hepatobiliary scintigraphy george n. Image quality assessment tools for optimization of ct images. Tulang yang sering terkena adalah tempat sumsum hemopoiletik aktif antara lain spina. Acupressure point spleen 6 san yin jiao add pressure to this point during the below sequence to increase targeting of the spleen meridian.

The pdf file you selected should load here if your web browser has a pdf reader plugin installed for example, a recent version of adobe acrobat reader. Bremsstrahlung wikipedia bahasa indonesia, ensiklopedia bebas. Patients with hematological disorders may have an enlarged spleen splenomegaly that is destroying blood cells or causing pain. Karena sinarx memiliki energi yang lebih tinggi dari pada cahaya tampak, maka sinarx dapat. Pdf image quality assessment tools for optimization of ct images. Ultrasonographic assessment of splenic volume and its. Request pdf effect and application of ionization radiation xray in living. It is uncommon for cancer to arise in the spleen or metastasize to the spleen. Pdf image quality assessment tools for optimization of. The spleen is the primary filtering element for the blood, and it is a storage site for red blood cells erythrocytes and platelets. The process of taking a ct of the spleen begins by taking many different x ray views at various different angles, which are then combined with the use of computer processing to create crosssectional images of the bones and soft tissue inside of. Tulang yang sering terkena adalah tempat sumsum hemopoiletik aktif antara lain spina, tengkorak, rusuk, sternum, pelvis dan ujung. The spleen is the largest collection of lymphoid tissue in the body.

Radiation therapy for chronic myelomonocytic leukemia. Spektroskopi difraksi sinar x x ray difractionxrd merupakan salah satu metoda karakterisasi material yang paling tua dan paling sering digunakan hingga sekarang. Spleen, anatomy, sinusoids, in, red, pulp, cells, in, white, pulp, findings, symptoms, findings, causes, mnemonics, rev. Journal of vocational health studies open journal unair. Kualitas spermatozoa mencit yang terpapar radiasi sinarx. Radiationinduced dosedependent changes of the spleen. Your liver is one of your the largest organs and one of the most important. Skripsi ini disusun sebagai salah satu syarat yang harus dipenuhi untuk menyelesaikan program strata1 di jurusan fisika fakultas sains dan teknoogi universitas islam negeri uin alauddin makassar. Sinar x merupakan suatu bentuk radiasi elektromagnetik yang memiliki panjang gelombang sangat pendek yaitu berkisar antara 0,01 hingga 10. Sometimes, the spleen becomes enlarged and grows big enough inside the body to cause discomforts. Using moxa on sp 1 can stop bleeding anywhere in the body, especially uterine bleeding. The spleen was irradiated with a mean dose of 40 gy, whereas in this type of treatment other oar such as the kidneys and liver generally receive 20 and 15 gy, respectively.

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