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The seetru quickflex liquid level gauge is a direct reading reflex glass design for general industrial use. A duct for the medium or heating agent is machined into the gauge body as well as the support surfaces for the gaskets and glasses or micas. Jerguson transparent level gages are selected for interface level indication, dirty service or any application that requires the use of a shield to protect the glass from corrosion. Series l chamber gauges are of flat glass reflex or transparent design. Incorporated into this gauge body are the liquid channel if necessary the heating channel and the seating faces for the chambered seals and sight glasses. Sight glass we are manufacturer and exporter of sight glass and sight flow indicators to power plants, process industries line size. When you only state the operating conditions, namely. Data sheet sight glass level gauges 0620 page 5 of 54 design sight glass level gauges the main part of the sight glass level gauge is the chamber.

The sight glass is engineered with a welding nozzle that is welded onto the tank wall, a grooved collar nut, a glass disc and two gaskets. When light hits the glass where there is no liquid, the prism reflects the light directly out of the gauge. Illuminators are available for use with transparent gauges for easier liquid observation in dark environments. Bonetti glass level gauges are designed and manufactured in compliance with the international. Mainly used in the lowpressure process applications, bulk drugs, pharma, refinery, and other food grade industries. High pressure sight glass sight glass a is more suitable for gauging an open. They are often found in industrial levelmeasurement applications, even when another levelmeasuring instrument is present, to serve as a direct indicator for an operator to monitor in case there is doubt about the. Trust msc to carry the quality measuring and inspecting. With this level indicator design, the liquid is encapsulated between two transparent sight glasses.

Liquid level gauge calibration is used to ensure proper readings are obtained when using level gauges. This allows the liquid to be looked through and thus provides a clear indication of the level. The main element of the glass level gauge is the gauge body. This document is meant to give an overview of the major quality relevant processes used for production and. Sight glasses, liquid level gauges, flow indicators and. Catalogs jerguson glass gages clark reliance document. Sight glass level measurement principle instrumentationtools. It offset rav 957 seal welded 85 298 ta 120 120 323 ta 120 225 kta 225 180 356 kta 75 291. Because of its brittleness this level gauge can be used with dangerless fluids only, although in presence of glass protector. Contains the liquid duct, the level corresponds with the level in the vessel.

In the viewing direction, incident light strikes the reflective grooves of the sight glass plate and is refracted into the liquid present. Series r20, shown with jerguson gage valves series t20 specify jerguson all gages are notcreated equal. Transparent gauge glass has high transmittance and resist to aggressive environment, so transparent sight glass is widely used in industry and petrol. It da steam application for glass level gauges reflex level gauge type max working pressure bar. A duct for the medium or heating agent is machined into the. Glass level gauge gauge series 03 selection guide 0405 seriesl 0607 seriesm 0809 seriesh 101 1 tubular gauges u 12 tubular gauge value26 weld padwpm 1415 gauge connection options 1617 standard visible length chart 18 optional accessories 1920 index. Tubular level gauges are designed to view liquid levels using clear or red line borosilicate pyrex tubing to view liquid levels. The sight glass comes in sizes from dn50 with a free view of 50 mm to dn150 with a free view of 150 mm.

Basics of sight glass level gauge instrumentationtools. The principle of the reflex level indicator is based on the reflection of light. Three holes case for manometer setting valve type ds pm18 three way with flange for inspection manometer. Resource index sight glass faq types of sight glasses. The liquid column is contained within the recess of the liquid chamber behind the sight glass, which is clamped to the gauge body. The main part of the sight glass level gauge is the chamber. Specialists in liquid level indication a rugged flat glass. These sight glasses are excellent to see the flows and levels for vertical pipelines and vessels. Pentberthy direct reading liquid level gages and gagecocks. Inside glass surface is less liable to water scale since the balls roll and contact the surface. A miniature closed circuit sight gage with a borosilicate clear sight glass secured in an aluminum body without markings.

Transparent gauges are also available with optional aluminosilicate glass rated to maximum 800f 427c. The liquid chambers is constructed of heavy tubing, rustproofed and carefully slotted and. Sight glass sight glass 7 plain flap ball spinner stainless mica plate protective wire mesh with protective cover sb1s,sb1f features 1. Reflex gauge glass corrosion resistance and transparency reflex gauge glass is used to read the liquid level more clearly in. The glass plates used for sight glass level gauges correspond to din 7081 and are suitable for temperatures up to 243 c 280 c when protected with mica for steam, up to 300 c for other iiquids, and in special gauge body. Direct reading liquid level indicator for general applications up to cl 300 depends on glass type. Gauge valve gauge valve 22 series 10 23 series 20 24. The sight glass has prismatic rightangled grooves on the side facing the liquid and. Level gauge tubular level gauge manufacturer from chennai.

Penberthy tubular glass liquid level gauges and gaugecocks gauges overview penberthy tubular glass gauges are mounted to the vessel externally and use tubular glass to provide direct visual verification of the liquid level present. Manufacturer of sight glasses, liquid level gauges, sight flow indicators and other process equipment. In the sight opening, the water level is indicated dark and the steam light. In the gas or steam phase, the light is reflected by the prismatic grooves of the sight glass. Kenco enjoys worldwide recognition and leadership with its line of liquid level gauges, which are used as visual. Operating principle transparent reflex sight glass level indicator. Many applications depend on the management of fluid levels. Wika part of your business solutions for pressure, temperature, force and level measurement, flow measurement, calibration and sf 6 gas solutions from wika are an integral component of our customers business processes this is why we consider ourselves to be not just suppliers of measurement components but rather more a competent partner that offers comprehensive solutions in close co. Known as the dry area, a silver color is displayed while the wet part is displayed in black. The principle of reflex level gauges is based on the difference in the refractive indices of liquid and vapor. The product corresponds to the ped directive 9723eec art. Reflex level gauges allow the medium to be viewed through a reflex glass.

Basics of sight glass level gauge level gauges are perhaps the simplest indicating instrument for liquid level in a vessel. All valves use a stuffing box configuration to seal the glass tube, and have a ball check shutoff to prevent loss of vessel contents in case of glass failure. Since our beginning in 1958, kenco international, inc. The transparent glass also provides an excellent means to inspect fluid characteristics optically. The sight glass can be fitted with an optional minivision light fitting. Glass cover construction of glass level gauges gauge body base body of the glass level gauge, contains the liquid channel cover for the clamping of the sight glass plates flat gasket chambered sealing between the liquid channel and the environment glass sight. Select from our bronze level gauges, close circuit and oil sight glasses, composite wheels and expansion tanks. Sight glass indicator level glass indicator manufacturer.

The reflex level gauge lg40 is a direct water level gauge which can be used for steam boilers and containers. Level measurement sight glass level gauges documentno qpsgl 1 of 2 1 scope the quality management system in production of sight glass level gauges is based on the general quality management system of ksr kuebler ag. Liquid level gages and valves for the power and process industries. Flowing state of fluid can be checked with the movement of the balls inside the sight glass. The sight glass is clamped in place by a gasketed glass retainer held by threaded studs and nuts. Glass cover construction of glass level gauges gauge body base body of the glass level gauge, contains the liquid channel cover for the clamping of the sight glass plates flat gasket chambered sealing between the liquid channel and the environment glass sight glass plates per din 7081 from borosilicate glass cushion. We are the manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of pipeline sight glass from chennaiindia to globally.

Apart from glass tube level gauges, transparent level gauges are. Visible glass sizes range from 1 to 4 in width and 6 to 24 in length. It provides a continuous visual indication of liquid level in a process vessel or a small tank and are more convenient than dip stick, dip rod and manual gauging tapes. Glass level gauges give very accurate level readings, making them the ideal product. Onto the gauge body are mounted, or are already integrated, the valve heads and process connections. This product is abs type approved for most vessel tanks from 8 to 180. Level gauge oblong full view view all product categories. Extrahard borosilicate glass, according to din 7081. The medium level inside the level gauge is indicated as the result of the light refraction principle, since the liquid filled area completely absorbs the rays of. Econ tubular level gauges are being delivered by several eriks operating companies. The inner wetted borosilicate glass sight tube is then protected with an impact resistant full polycarbonate shield, which is held in place with delrin shield guides. Ti sight glasses have very strict tolerance values, definitely lower. We are the manufacturer, supplier and exporter of reflex sight level gauge from chennaiindia to globally offered by us are designed to meet the specific functioning requirements of all types of pressure vessels, tanks as well as boilers. Sight glass bulls eye oil sight glass manufacturer from.

Perspex sight glass protector also to be used for the stainless steel. The sight tube is manufactured from heavy wall borosilicate glass tubing, then tooled to a precision sanitary end configuration, similar to. Kenco engineering company is committed to delivering the highest quality products and service possible, which exceed our customer expectations. Sight glass level gauge with quickclosing gauge heads, double shutoff 15 warming up the gauge with the process medium 15 4. Liquid level gauges are industrial meters that are used to determine the level of a liquid in a process tank. Flat glass gages overview 6 reflex and transparent gages reflex gages have a single vision slot in which light can enter the gage chamber to determine liquid level. Glass level gauge gauge series 03 selection guide 0405 seriesl 0607 seriesm 0809 seriesh 101 1 tubular gaugesu 12 tubular gauge value26 weld padwpm 1415 gauge connection options 1617 standard visible length chart 18 optional accessories 1920 index. A transparent gage is also known as a thruvision gage since the gage is constructed with two pieces of flat polished glass assembled on opposite sides of the level gage chamber. Gauge delivers a safe, low maintenance, cost effective solution to common sight glass applications. Serving oklahoma, texas, arkansas, mississippi and louisiana since 1922. Light enters the gauge from the side opposite the observer so that both the level of a liquid and its characteristics can be seen. Transparent level indicators are available in doublecover plate design for pressure ranges up to pn100. Using the prism glass, a reflex level gauge accurately measures liquid inside the vessel. Armoured tubular glass liquid level gauges and valves pump.

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