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How to use log log slide rules paperback january 1, 1953 by maurice l. While far from being any type of collection, i do have a couple nicely preserved models. Reading the slide rule scales ia the decimal point d. There is no way of indicating the position of the d. There is also a version as a word document which is smaller 2040 kb. It has to do with the oftused mechanical phenomenon dual of an electrical apparatus like a wire is a water hose, voltage is the. Pickett was the slide rule which made the trip to the moon possible and was on board with the astronauts making the calculations necessary for the successful round trip of apollo. The slide rule the book, written by florian cajori, is the standard work on the early history of the slide rule. All other scales on a slide rule are referenced to the c and d scales. To do a calculation with a slide rule you reduce all numbers to scientific notation with 24 digits then use the slide rule to perform the basic operations. Pickett model x4 executive vector type log log dual base speed rule. New condition box has a missing flap and a small spot where. The construction is bamboo, a wonderfully stable, mildly lubricious material. Pickett heavily advertised the fact that they were the official slide rule supplier to the apollo program, and this model slide rule was apparently carried along on 5 apollo missions.

Sterling 684 white plastic slide rule i bought this for my first algebra class in 1976 skala wilcza 32 wooden slide rule. Additionally, the slide rule does not tell you where the decimal point is located in the answer. Theres also an additional frontandback scan of a separate sheet for the trig scales on the model 300. Whsmith loglog trig slide rule blundell academy 802 wh smith master duplex. Slide rule library pickett international slide rule museum. Unfollow slide rule to stop getting updates on your ebay feed. The manual has instructions for a range of basic functions as well as for the specialist markup and business ratios. Slide rule universe take the learn to use and clean them link. Cleveland institute 515t slide rule and users manuals. Free download books pickett slide rule manual printable 2019 everybody knows that reading pickett slide rule manual printable 2019 is useful, because we can easily get enough detailed information online through the resources. In 1950, post brought out an american version of the bamboo slide rule manufactured by hemmi of japan, the versalog.

The slide rule, a practical manual, 24th edition 1948 by c. It is unfortunate that, for some reasons not easy to see, the slide rule is sometimes regarded as a difficult instrument with which to become proficient. A lowresolution scan of the contents of this actual manual is available from the files section of the slide rule discussion group. Unfollow slide rule parts to stop getting updates on your ebay feed. Version 2 in my second effort, the ends of the envelope were fashioned from brass and copper sheet soldered into a circle of triangular prisms to hold the ends of the bars. Hartung author see all 2 formats and editions hide other formats and editions. The metal window is inserted over the slide rule to act as a place holder. Unfortunately on both counts, neither quite lives up to former hemmi standards. The top two pink discs are for calculating fallout on land they can be turned over to show blue discs for calculating fallout at sea. Here derek has put together a number of working slide rules that can be used for calculations and demonstrations on the computer. M115 how to use dual base log log slide rules 1960 form m15, no date mark, but same text as isrm m50 dated 1947, different cover. The front cover features the logo, the title, a stylised diagram of a slide rule and a list of the models covered by the instructions as follows. Made for frederick post company of chicago by hemmi of tokyo, japan, from 1957 to 1972.

Technology has developed, and reading pickett slide rule manual printable 2019 books may be far easier and simpler. This set is unused and immaculate the box is a little worn. A cursor is fixed in the center of the window to allow for accurate readings. My slide rules this gallery is in the process of some updating, as many of the scans are from the 1990s, when my way of taking pictures was to put the slide rule on a flatbed scanner and hope it came out reasonably clearly. Pickett n904t trig and decimal keeper speed rule pickett n525es statrule pickett n4es vectortype log log dual base speed rule pickett 160es microline pickett n600es log log speed rule if youre not sure about how to use a slide rule, take a look at slide rule calculations by example opens in new window. The slide rule also does not tell you the sign of your result. Pickett supplied these slide rule instructional pamphlets free to the schools with a minimum purchase of 24 normal slide rules. These instructions came with my a w faber 378 electro rule dated c191012, and comprise 2 parts. You can enter and read a number typically to two or three decimal digits only.

Hopefully the pictures tell all please let me know if you have any questions. Pickett trig slide rule instruction manual national. Pickett allmetal slide rules catalogue internet archive. Cleveland institute 515t slide rule and users manuals rf cafe. Angle divisions were originally in minutes, but decimal divisions gradually became predominant, in decitrig slide rules. Joe bought the manuals and slide rule on ebay as a set, and he was kind enough to scan the manuals and send them to me for posting on rf cafe.

Ive recently obtained the complete four volume set of slide rule manuals published by the cie. Beauregard and the president was a cognitive slide rule manuals of mr. The supports were mounted on a base board and a 4 piece of acrylic pipe with wooden endcaps served as the central drum or slide. This rule also came with electro instructions, detailed here. The instruction booklet is also in excellent condition but is a bit frail the paper has become somewhat brittle with age. Crescent lufkin 58 x 8 red end wood rule with 6 slide rule extension x48n 4. Im happened to meet your website when i searched slide rule. The calculating rule instructions comprise a four side folded pamphlet measuring approx 7 58 x 10 38 inches, printed in black on light green paper. The slide rule and sleeve are in excellent condition. Basic slide rule operation for scientists and engineers 10. Rf cafe visitor m0xpd sent me a link to his brief article that aptly illustrates how a pickett n515t slide rule and a beer bottle can be used to help a student understand resonance in lc tank circuits. I particularly like the simulation of the pickett n 525es, a statistical slide rule and one that is uncommon. The slide rule and other instruments which give the same facilities for rapid calculations, are covered by the term mechanical calculation.

Simpson departmentof physical sciences and engineering princegeorges communitycollege november 29, 2010 1 introduction before electronic calculators became widely available ar ound 1975, students, engineers, and scientistsperformed mathematical calculations using an instrument called a sliderule. Since posting a photo of my personal n515t slide rules and the partial users manual i found a few years ago, i have received many requests for the manuals. This presentation stresses slide rule solutions with large and small numbers, n. The slide rule, a practical manual, 23rd edition 1942 by c. An outstanding design feature of this range is the introduction of end caps for holding the two stocks rigidly in. The slide rule, a practical manual, 22nd edition 1941 by c. The rules were produced as gifts to executives and pickett wanted to make them distinctive and different from the other rules they produced. Complete, mint set photo above includes slide rule, huntergreen case, manual, care booklet and box like new. Nov 03, 2015 joe bought the manuals and slide rule on ebay as a set, and he was kind enough to scan the manuals and send them to me for posting on rf cafe. The number of scales on a slide rule vary depending on the number of mathematical functions the slide rule can perform. The scales on the front side of this rule are identical to the scales on the front of the n1010es.

In a separate calculation you find the order of magnitude by combining the powers of 10. An outstanding design feature of this range is the introduction of end caps for. Skala wilcza 32 wooden slide rule poland thanks to alan kealey for the donation. A duplex slide rule had scales on both sides, the usual case for engineering slide rules. This rule was made for the national radio institute nri. Compared to a calculator, a slide rule is severely limited in its accuracy. Slide rules have come in different formats over the years. I particularly like the simulation of the pickett n 525es, a.

The booklet discusses slide rule operation, use of certain special scales, applications of trigonometry, and the principles underlying slide rules. Sphere s slide rule site provides information about slide rules. The model n16es is by far the most sophisticated of the ve rules. A scan of the cover of volume 3, detailing the specialized scales of this rule, is shown above. Yet another virtual slide rule explanation gallery index back to antiquark copyright 2005 derek ross.

The link below will take you to dereks virtual slide rule site. Hartung the university of chicago pickett the worlds most accurate slide rules pickett, inc. This shows that multiplication is just a particular case of one of the basic ternary operations. I tried your virtual slide rule page, it is very interesting. A standard manual for circular slide rules, direct from concise in the fall, 2002. Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and oneofakind products and gifts related to your search. This is what each and every slide rule manual says about multiplication on the slide rule. The most familiar is probably the 3part model with a fixed outer frame and a sliding inner rod, and a sliding clear window with a reticle line etched into it for aligning numbers the cursor. Instruction for castell precision slide rules internet archive. The slide rule was strong in conversions with a constant factor. After explaining the parts of a slide rule, the manual divides the process of learning to use a slide rule into twelve steps, each of which are discussed with examples, solutions, and exercises in the remainder of the pamphlet. This manual s cover lists a range of post slide rules but this is the only reference to post in the entire manual, all the references inside the manual refer to hemmi rules, including all the diagrams and illustrations. No matter what youre looking for or where you are in the world, our global marketplace of sellers can help you find unique and affordable options.

This slide rule has been manufactured after a comprehensive study of the functional requirements involved and forms part of a new range designed for maximum efficiency. This slide rule is a genuine classic and deservedly so, with one of the best scale layouts ever devised for professional technical work. Notes on frederick post slide rules, in the journal of the oughtred. Ron manleys slide rule site take the instructions link. The slide rule, a practical manual, 19th edition 1930 by c.

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